Tuesday, December 27, 2005

KyongBok Palace

This is a digital panoramic of Seoul's KyongBok Palace. I shot a series of shots handheld with the intention to stitch them together later and this is the result. I think this covers about 180-degrees, since I was standing pretty close to the front of the palace (behind me was already the road). I could have corrected the distortion, but I kind of like it this way. What do you think? This image is a huge mega-megapixel image but only appears this tiny because Picasa resizes it into this tiny image even when you click on the image. Fujifilm S2Pro, AF Nikkor 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5 Posted by Picasa


Patrick Leong said...

learnt your blog from a friend yesterday. nice pictures and great skill.

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Hi Patrick!
Thanks for your comments. Which friend did you hear about my blog from?

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Nice pictures of my home land !

But this building is Palace not castle. Pls amend title..

Lee Kyu Yong

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Thanks for your comments, Lee. I've ammended the post. My apologies.

I loved taking pictures of Korea and would like to go back again in the winter as I missed a few shots that I really wanted. Anybody up to sponsoring me? :)