Saturday, April 07, 2007

Balloon lady

I saw this balloon lady in Tokyo Disneyland and immediately realised the photographic potential. I whipped out my 12-24mm wideangle and quickly shot off a couple of frames and this was the result. Shootng from a low angle upwards made the whole shot more dramatic. Possibly the best photo that I took on my Japan trip. Nikon D200, AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm f/4


(/\_SomniuM_/\) said...

Did you actually kneel to take that pic? how did you get that low?

-->I might buy a cam and start a flog of my own; you're inspiring. Keep it up!

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Yes, I was on the ground on my knees at this point. :) Then I got lower and used my camera bag as a pillow -- that's how LOW I was. :) I actually took about three shots of this but the second one was the winner.